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 Post subject: Livestream 4/25 Stuffs
PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2015 3:07 am 
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Wasn't around for this one. Still trying to find out what happened.

Benchmark Video (Full, 1080p)

This is a video of the complete new Heavensward benchmark. You can see a lot of the new areas, gear, and mobs. If you look closely enough, you can also spot many of the new abilities, including the new Dragoon LB3 right at the end. Highly recommend going full-screen for this video.

The Benchmark itself is being released on Monday 27th. Midnight PDT.

Ultimate Fight: Final Fantasy XIV

Was being played on a screen at the physical location. Was apparently a "joke" by the developers. Seems a bit of effort to go to for no reason. They'd be making basically a whole game if they were to add it as a mini-game or something though. I'd say file this under "cute videos" like that SNES Titan Extreme.

It'd be better if whoever recorded it didn't do it at like 5 FPS.

Au'ra Character Creation

This Japanese website has a whole bunch of photos of the Au'ra character creator that was running at the event:

Other Info

Closest thing I've found to information actually discussed so far.

- There's gonna be a whole bunch of new abilities for battle classes, they all come from job quests, so there's gonna be more job quests than just at 55 and 60.
- There will be primal weapons for new jobs from old primals
- You'll be able to hire more retainers
- You can start as an Au Ra, provided you bought 3.0.
- There's gonna be some kind of new stuff for Wolves' Den, but not at release.
- Same with Gear Guide, planned but not in time for 3.0
- New GS attractions in 3.1, new TT cards in 3.0

EDIT: More stuff from Reddit:

Q&A bit
  • A whole bunch of skills are coming between 51~60.
  • No, you don't get them every 5 levels.
  • Everyone will need to re-work their rotations.
  • There isn't enough space on the current HB/XHBs for all those actions. They have a plan.
  • POE-cap isn't being raised/removed because IL130 is a little high in the early stages of Ishgarde. (previous off record interviews mentioned that they'll be relevant up to l55)
  • next 24man raids coming in 3.1.
  • FC primal summoning has been delegated to 'some time later'.
  • Add-ons on back burner because 3.0 took priority. (they added too much stuff)
  • No plans to show TP.
  • New jobs aren't getting ZWs.
  • New ZW-like quests starting in 3.1. A bit of work has been put into the story.
  • New jobs will have primal weapons.
  • Summoner has been heavily reworked. Something something tri-disaster.
  • Expansion of armoury chest to come later.
  • Number of retainers going up. 4 maybe?
  • New housing wards comes after Ishgard.
  • Choco rank caps going up.
  • You need HW to be an Aura. No other conditions.
  • New roadmap planned for Wolves Den and other PVP.
  • A training mode for raids may come. Eventually.
  • Thinking of adjusting Steps.
  • New GS attractions start from 3.1
  • No plans for DX12

Lore Panel
  • Ishgard is split into 2 levels. Peasants below, nobles above.
  • Lower levels is filled with ruins from dragon invasions
  • Mostly stone buildings.
  • Upper level has many religious structures.
  • 'Twelve Knights'. Remember those words.
  • That statue at the back on the last row, that has a really incredible back story. (src. Koji)
  • For a very long while, Esoterics(法典) was actually going to be called Aesthetics (美学).

Dravanian Highlands
  • Really, really out west.
  • Dragons live here.
  • Koji worked very hard to create Dragonspeak language.
  • 6 years ago.
  • The new Gunas tribe live here.

Dravanian Lowlands
  • Downstream from the mountains so lots of water features.
  • Has not been invaded by Dragons.
  • Lots of old archaeological thingies.
  • There's a deserted Sharlayan city. Kinda like old Constantinople. Big scholary city.
  • But it feels Greek.
  • They used tarot cards to predict the future.

Dravanian Cloud Sea
  • West of Ishgard, above the Highlands.
  • For some reason there are ruins up there. Important part of the story.
  • The Seven Celestial Dragons are a large part of the story.
  • The snake like thing in the middle is Midgardsom. The rest are his children, the 7.
  • Please look forward to how they get involved.
  • Aura are not related to Dragons. Their motif are demons.

Abarasia Cloud sea
  • East of Ishgard.
  • Huge elevation changes. Flying mounts are necessary here.
  • Vanu Vanu tribe live here.

Floating Continent
  • While working on the settings, I become well versed in genetic manipulation & bioengineering → Koji

Gubra Library (new dungeon)
  • Yshtola's name appears.
  • Sharlayan building.

Aura naming rules coming end May.

Alexander Q&A
    Q:You've mentioned that Alexander Normal is for people to relax and enjoy the story, does that mean they'll be cleared within a day or two?
    Y: /em nods.

    Q. Was Hard mode made with WoW's Mythic raids in mind?
    Y: We're actually calling them Heroic internally.

    Q.Does that mean there'll be something even harder?
    Y: Depends on the players' clear rates and requests.

    Q. So Alexander was made with player clear rates in mind?
    Y: Yup. Looking at the number of player clears, we also have something called Content Costs where we basically want our content to be enjoyable by more people.

    Q. How many levels?
    Y: 4.

    Q. Will there be higher IL requirements and more gimmicks as we go up?
    Y: Yes. We designed it with what players considered fun between all 3 coils.

    Q. How hard is Alexander Hard?
    Y: About as hard as FCOB Savage ← ?!?!?!

    Q: Will the Fat Chocobo fly?
    Y: Yes.

 Post subject: Re: Livestream 4/25 Stuffs
PostPosted: Sun Apr 26, 2015 7:51 am 
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Thank god Kayne's limit break rights were revoked.

Some stories can't be told with words, some legends are meant to die

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