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 Post subject: Relic Grind 3.0 - Let's Talk Options
PostPosted: Tue Dec 22, 2015 8:31 am 
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Ok, so for those of us who are still here, it's time to discuss the relic grind and what we're doing about it.

People are finishing their relics already, which means that while these people probably have no life and just grinded for 4 days straight, it proves that the grind is not as unmanageable as it may look at first.

Lets talk fastest way of doing things. Here's a handy table:

Unidentifiable BoneUnidentifiable ShellUnidentifiable OreUnidentifiable Seeds
680 Poetics680 Poetics680 Law680 Law
13x Amalj'aa Tokens13x Sahagin Tokens13x Kobold Tokens13x Sylph Tokens
10x P. Gordian Bolt (A1)10x P. Gordian Lens (A2)10x P. Gordian Spring (A3)10x P. Gordian Shaft (A4)
1000x Allied SealsHW Treasure MapsHW Treasure Maps1000x Allied Seals
18x Vanu Tokens18x Vanu Tokens18x Vanu Tokens18x Vanu Tokens

Remember that what you need is 20x each of those four items, and each column shows the different ways of getting one.

Now that some people have the relic, they've started to share what the fastest ways of doing these are. So lets include that information and discuss some of the best ways to go about farming your new relic. Most of the items can be bought quickly by optimizing your farming of seals and tomestones.

    2.0 hunts specifically, not Heavensward, are considered one of the best ways to grind out this relic. Each 2.0 hunt killed gives you allied seals, law stones, and poetic stones all at once. Things aren't anywhere near as crazy because not as many people are doing these anymore either.

    2.0 A Rank: 40 Allied Seals, 15 Centurio Seals, 30 Poetic Tomes, 10 Law Tomes
    2.0 S Rank: 100 Allied Seals, 35 Centurio Seals, 100 Poetic Tomes, 30 Law Tomes
    3.0 Hunts give Poetics and Law, but do not give Allied Seals. Worthwhile, just not as much.

Coil Carries
    ~7x Lv60s carrying one person at a time through T1-T13. Each zone takes approx. 3-5 minutes. A full run of every coil for one random noob nets you about 1200 Poetics in just over an hour or so. That's either 2 bones or 2 shells. Cycling in new noobs each time. We must have a bunch of people in the FC who never did coil, and if not, there's gonna be tons out there to find on PF.

Extreme Primal Carries
    Possible, but not considered anywhere near as good as coil carries. Mainly because of the downtime between each run (cycling in a new noob, waiting for the noob to go attune to the next aetheryte, etc.)

    That said, it's still 100 poetics bonus per kill and they go down absurdly fast with the level cap removed. If anybody in the FC has one open they still haven't done, they need to speak up!

Beastmean Dailies
    Firstly, avoid doing the Vanu dailies (unless you're not capped and are just finishing them off) to begin with because while you can buy any token, you need to do 18 quests instead of 13. The current daily allowances allow you to do 3 quests from all four 2.0 beastman tribes each day.

    These are also super easy now because nothing aggros at all. Even the sylph quests that required you to stay invisible no longer requires you to do so because nothing aggros you. You should be doing these every day, it'll take 30 minutes at most.

    If you do all four beastmen per day, you'll earn relic tokens at a rate of one full set of 4 every 4-5 days. While doing only this would mean taking approximately 3 months to earn your relic, we're not doing only this are we? Doing it for 2-3 weeks is going to shave a quarter of the grind off for you.

    Once you're close to finishing the quest, you can use the Vanu tribe to supplement the beastmen you're still missing relic items for.

    Oh and let's not forget that you'll get an additional 120 poetics a day doing it. That's an extra item every 5 days or so.

Alexander (Gordias/Easy)
    Yes, I know what you're thinking, you read that you need to run each one 200 times. But again, that's not really the case when you're supplementing it with other activities.

    Apparently A1/A3/A4 can all be beaten in ~4 minutes with a fully geared group. Assuming 3 minute runs, you'd get a relic item in approximately one hour or so. It's not that bad if you just did it for an hour once a day.

Treasure Maps
    If you have any gathering job at 60, you can grab a Dragonskin map at least once a day. You only really need 3 people and chocobos to beat the maps. The drop rate for relic items from maps is reportedly around 10-20%. You can stock up a few and do them all at once too. It'll take you 5 minutes to get your map and approximately 5 minutes per map to do them. If you have 3 people and you do each other's maps you're talking 15-20 minutes per day for a 10-20% drop chance. In theory you ought to at least get one per week.

    It's a bit of a gamble but it's one of the better ways of getting Unidentifiable Ore, because Law tomes are harder to come by and you can't use Allied Seals for them.

    The Level 60 dungeon roulette (the one with Neverreap in it) gives 200 law tomes once per day (100 roulette + 100 dungeon). Shouldn't take you more than 15-20 minutes in a good group.

    In comparison, the current expert roulette gives 140 law tomes. Its okay, but not as efficient as the level 60 roulette.

    The Level 50 roulette gives 100 poetics and 120 law plus 50-100 extra poetics depending on the dungeon. It'd probably take you 20-30 minutes. Sadly, the level 50 roulette cannot be ran unsynced...

    You also have the option of the Main Scenario roulette for 140 Poetics. However, you can only queue solo, you'll be synced to level 50, and the actual run is probably gonna take longer than some other options. If you're lucky you might get a poetics bonus newbie though.

The "No Grind" Option
    Are there any options for those of us who just don't have the time anymore?

    Well lets add things up. If you do Expert, 60, and 50 roulettes every day, that's:
    460 Law, 150-200 Poetics in approximately an hour (15-20 min per dungeon with decent groups). This is approximately 1 token per day (split across two types of tomestone, so not exact or every day).

    Doing your Beastmen dailies will get you approximately 0.2 tokens per day from the quests, plus the bonus 120 poetics which adds up to around 0.4 tokens per day for 30 minutes.

    Heavensward Maps, assuming a 10-20% drop rate, would only be 0.1-0.2 tokens per day. It would only take around 20 minutes of your time though assuming you have a small group to do the maps with each day. Who knows, you might get lucky though.

    Plus lets say you do the occasional hunt that's called out, your weekly B ranks, etc. You're talking probably a grand total of 2 tokens per day. That's only 40 days to finish your relic by playing for about two hours every day. Not terrible really.

    If we're lucky, there's also the possibility that the quest gets nerfed somewhat because there was a major outcry over it.

Sadly, our manpower is lacking for some of the faster ideas such as carrying people through coil or farming Alexander. It might be possible to put a PF together to do it though?

We could also really use someone getting themselves into an active hunt linkshell again.

Other than that, maps every day, roulettes every day, beastmen tribes every day.

Void Ark if you're bored. Maybe even unsynced Amdapor Keep Hard if four of you are bored. You can beat that in like 10 minutes for 100 poetics.

And if anybody in the FC is still missing any extreme primals or coil, now's the time.

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